Wednesday 22 June 2011

A hint of things to come: IDSwest Preview

Organizers and members of the Canadian Design & Lifestyle Bloggers WEST network are getting more and more excited about the Event we’ve planned to coincide with the IDSwest this coming September!!

IMG_5282IDSchair In anticipation of both our Event and this fantastic, annual interior design show, Barbara Matson (fellow organizer of our network) from the blog hodge:podge and Rosa Pearson of flutterflutter took the opportunity last evening (Tuesday) to connect face-to-face with the IDSwest representatives Barbara’s been communicating with… all while our 2 network colleagues immersed themselves in examples of marvelous design!!

Like this Judson Beaumont Hollow Chair!

If you’d like to read a little about their evening, head over to flutterflutter and see what Rosa has to share about the IDSwest Preview! Barbara wanted to post about the evening too, but has been frustrated by Blogger issues. I’d wager that many of us can relate!!! She said that she’d post about it soon… maybe tomorrow… so keep an eye out!!

Also, watch for information about OUR September Event right here! As our plans come together we’ll be sharing with you!!

Keep an eye on the IDSwest website for show updates!

w/ Nancy, Karla and Barbara
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Barbara Matson said...

Thanks Victoria. I saw your text and wasn't home by the computer! The post is written, photos are up and the post will be live tomorrow.

Sarah MacMillan {Prairie Perch} said...

Thanks, Victoria! I'll be sure to visit Rosa and Barbara for more details.

Andrea Johnson said...

Sounds amazing! Looking forward to September.

Sheila Zeller said...

Thanks for this update... just read Rosa's post and looking forward to Barbara's!