Monday 4 July 2011

Bloggers Helping Bloggers!

We really DO have a terrific group of Bloggers in our network!!

Case in point: after our last yummy Cdn.d&lbWEST meet-up on July 11th, it was clear to Darryl Bueckert of the blogs Darryl Bueckert and – with his wife Jodi at the helm – Simply Inspired Home that he had a skill that he could share with some of our Network’s members… photography!

As you all know, great photos really are a necessity when blogging! Photos of our projects, our loves, our inspirations; they’re what keep our readers coming back over and over again. That and our wonderful creativity and writing skills of course!! ;-)  So many of us (ME!) rely on the automatic settings of our point-and-shoot cameras to do the job and we’re more often-then-not disappointed with the results.

In steps Darryl

Darryl and Jodi volunteered to host a gathering where he’d share the fundamentals of photography… ISO and f-stop’s and aperture and more! How fantastic is THAT?!

Cdn.d&lbWEST members Rosa, Meesh, Rachel and Lily were the students who benefited from Darryl’s experience and generosity.

Be sure to check out these posts to hear/read all about it!

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Rosa: FlutterFlutterPhotography 101

Meesh: I Dream of ChairsEnter the Dimension of Imagination

Rachel & Lily: Birch + BirchSummer Roadtrips… With Kids!

Thanks Darryl & Jodi!!

w/ Nancy, Karla and Barbara
cdn.d&lbWEST Organizers

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