Friday 30 September 2011

IDS West ~ Opening Night Party!

What a fantastic time we had last evening!!

We started off the evening with a tour of the show floor… WOW!! So many stellar examples of fine design all in one place, let me tell you! Audi cars, phenomenal fashion, stunning lighting, unique and imaginative uses of wood, textiles, tile, colour, appliances… it was all there and sparkling in our eyes!!

But first allow me to introduce you to our hosts – Jason & Leonie from IDS West

DSCF2224We LUV Leonie! She’s been our primary contact and has help Barbara and I with the organizing of every element and aspect of our plans with IDS West!! She’s organized our Media Passes, she’s connected us with the designers some of our members will interview, and has organized our reserved seating for guest speakers like Suzanna Dimma from House & Home and Kelly Deck from Kelly Deck Design!

Thank you Leonie!!

We met Jason – our “tour guide” – for the first time last evening. His history with IDS West goes way back, and believe me when I tell you that he knows everything about the show! His energy and enthusiasm for the exhibitors and their design was very contangeous… we couldn’t have had a better person showing us around the floor

Thank you Jason!!


Now for some photos of the show… and us… and us at the show!!


Jason took us to the Audi VIP Lounge and, knowing that once the doors to the party officially opened we’d no longer be VIPish enough to enter this particular lounge, we took a chance to get our photo taken in this fabulous space! The room was a masterpiece designed by Molo and we were all enthralled with it’s shape and form, furnishings and lighting, not to mention the materials used to produce such a amazing space! Wait until you see it yourself: I’m sure you’ll agree!



Wool Poufs!! LUV

And take a look at that Salari rug… it’s a map of Vancouver! How fantastic, hey?!

The craftsmanship of this chair with its Aboriginal motif panels is wonderful!

It’s a Sabina Hill Harvest Collection armchair (Thunderbird)


DSCF2223Here’s more of Molo’s design, this time in their own exhibit. These ottomans, hanging lighting, walls, tables ~ they’re made with paper or resin composites and are ahh-mazing. Jason was telling us that after the recent earthquake in Japan Molo started making temporary walls to help create privacy in communal living spaces. So fabulous!







When we weren’t exploring the exhibits and mingling with the other guests, you could find us here – at the Tom Dixon Bar – or at the food lounge!!

The next three photos are for Meesh of I Dream of Chairs! And for Danielle from Urban Walls who was my primary chair model.


DSCF2227 DSCF2242


What do you think of this cow hide chair? When Michelle from A Schematic Life saw it and it’s wonderful pair she said, “Even though I’m a vegetarian, I WANT that!”.

Sooo gorgeous!!

Speaking of gorgeous… for me it was all about Moe’s. Of course that could be because they accented in ORANGE. Happiness!!

Well… except someone jumbled the pillows. Hey: fix the pillows Moe!!



And check out the coffee table… I’m speechless! If I had the room in my teeny-tiny bungalow, I’d WANT this piece! For those of you with children, can you imagine how popular this table would be with its hiding spot?! LOL!

A close up of the top of the table – look at the inlayed wood detailing. FAB!


More pics of us…



My husband and I would like a fire “bowl” for our backyard and I would love something like this! Sorry for the dark photo :-/


The photo of the apothecary cabinet on the left just doesn’t do this piece justice. Sheila from SZInteriors and I were drooling over it!!

The fashion shows were terrific too!


Do any of you remember Cheryl Tiegs? Well, she was there as FloForm’s spokesperson and – for one of the fashion shows – she introduced the models and design. After they walked the runway each model placed themselves in front of a new counter from FloForm… and of course their clothing coordinated with their counter which to my mind was an interesting way to introduce their new line. Too many people for me to see that though!! That’s what Saturday’s visit to the show is for (sans models… and Cheryl Tiegs)!!

Now a couple kitchens…

First, Ikea – and on the front left of the photo, Andrea. She’s one of Ikea’s PR people and will be joining us tomorrow night at BLEND 2011!! We spoke for a few minutes and she’s just as excited for the event as we are!!


I sooo love the farmhouse table! Of course the kitchen is fantastic too!!

My absolute favourite kitchen of the show however was this one from Bowerman’s Handcrafted Furniture. Something like this would be a dream for me! The cabinet doors are a clean Shaker style in a contemporary grey-green as is the counter… yet the way they’ve “waterfalled” the counter down both sides gives the classic cabinet style a contemporary edge that I love. Couple it all with the stunning, rustic table wrapped around and down the front of the island and you’ve perfectly captured everything I love about eclectic design. Sigh!!

Truth be told, the chairs I could do without. But that’s just me. I’d want something lighter because the wood – while beyond-fab – is very heavy. What do you think?


By the time Nancy (Marcus Design), Danielle, Sheila and I made it over to explore some featured lighting fixtures, it was almost time to go home. So because a precedent has been established, I bring my favourite 2 pieces to you near the end of this post…

DSCF2246 DSCF2250

We never did pull everyone together into one place at one time… but that didn’t stop us from taking one last almost-hole-group shot.


Our Network members are so fantastic! Every time we get together we have a fabulous time and last night at the IDS West Opening Night Party was no exception!! Thank you again to Leonie and IDS West for your support of our Cdn.dlbWEST Network… we’re having a wonderful time so far!!


with Barbara, Karla & Nancy
Your Cdn.dlbWEST Organizers


The Lovely in Life said...

It truly was a great time. Can't wait for Saturday.

Andrea Johnson said...

Great pictures Victoria! I am really pumped for tomorrow! See you soon:)


Barbara Matson said...

I am sad we got separated! But it was fun - I can't wait until tomorrow!

Vintage Home said...

Wow ...great coverage! You guys all look so great!
Wonderful product...thos poofs & that table wow!
Thanks for all your hard work and keeping us informed!

Heidi said...

Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing the details. Can't wait for Saturday night.

Brillante Interiors said...

It was a great evening, thanks for the reportage Victoria, and tomorrow it will be even better at The Loden. Ciao.

Sarah MacMillan {Prairie Perch} said...

It was a fun night. Lovely to meet all of you who were there (and looking forward to meeting so many more on Saturday)! Sorry I kind of disappeared. I figured that once my cousin and I had found each other we shouldn't lose each other again. :)

Sheila Zeller said...

Wow Victoria - what a great recap! How did you remember all that? So looking forward to tomorrow night! Maybe I'll see some of you at the show again tomorrow!

Pinecone Camp said...

So great to see all of you, and you all looked beautiful! Wish I could have joined you for a cocktail. ;)

K&B by the Sea said...

I am SO there next year! You've got so many awesome products at the Vancouver show that I haven't seen at the show in TO. LOVE all the great wood pieces, and that cowhide chair.... DROOL! I'm not so much into decorating with real animal hides, but that is one gorgeous piece.

Keep having fun and let us know all about the fun you have today and tonight!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Great recap Victoria! There's definitely more of an organic vibe at IDSWest than at IDS - I loved your pics of all the products! Sounds like you guys had a fab weekend.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos Victoria! It was so fun wasn't it! Somehow I missed the Judson Beaumont chair...Poo!