Tuesday 31 May 2011

It’s “Summer Meet-Up” Time!!

Group OutsideBack in March the Lower Mainland BC contingent of the Design & Lifestyle Bloggers WEST network gathered together for a scrumptious lunch at La Rustica pasta house in New Westminster… and we had a fantastic afternoon!
And you know what?
Four months is way to long to go between gatherings!!

That’s why we’re organizing another meet up!

If you’re a member of the d&lbWEST, you live in or will be visiting the Lower Mainland, come join us!
When: Saturday, June 11th
Time: 1 to 4 PM
Where: Banana Leaf Restaurant for yummy Malaysian food!!
Soooo Good!
Oh… and GREAT conversation!!
You definitely don’t want to miss this gathering!!
At the risk of exposing my nerdiness…
Have you ever noticed how many of Gene Roddenberry’s “Star Trek” visions for the future have come true? Cell phones (i.e., communicators) for example!
Well… unfortunately we don’t have transporters in the world yet (“beam me up Scotty!”) because if we did – and IF our Interior & Northern BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba members were willing to have their energy patterns scrambled and put back together again (yikes!!) – we’d be able to bring everyone together for the afternoon!! Wouldn’t that be fabulous?!

The next best thing… consider using comments on this blog post, Twitter (include @dlbWEST in your tweet), or our Facebook Group (our private page – members only – search & request membership if you haven’t done so already) to connect with bloggers in your community and organize a lunch gathering of your own!!
If you plan a meet-up be sure to take photos and write a post for us HERE!
And we promise to write about our gathering too, pictures and all!!
Looking forward to seeing many of our blogger friends there!!

& Nancy, Karla and Barbara

P.S. More specific details are being e-mailed to our Members. If you’re a member and you don’t receive the e-mail, please contact us via the “Become a Member” tab above.
P.S.S. Interested in membership with our network? Submit a request via the “Become a Member” tab above :-)

Tuesday 10 May 2011


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