Tuesday 10 May 2011


Welcome to the new blog for our Canadian Design & Lifestyle Bloggers WEST Network!

On this site you will find a full list of our fantabulous blogger members (be sure to check out each blog!) and you'll find regular information and updates on Gatherings and Events we plan for our network of bloggers!

We'll also use this site to highlight the blogs of our members and we'll share community events that interest them - particularly those our bloggers host or participate in.

If you're a blogger of design and/or lifestyle topics and you live in BC or the prairies, consider becoming a member of our network!! It's a terrific way to support one another as we explore the things we love!

Follow our network, support our bloggers and share in the fun!


Anonymous said...

This is exciting! I look forward to more!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I love this new format. It'll be a great way to keep everyone connected.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Just got wind of this site from Jennifer at Rambling Renovators in Toronto! So excited ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay...I just tried to become a member, but the email form on the "Become a Member" kept telling me that I was entering the wrong code. I was showing the proper cases and letters. Not sure what to do? Can anyone help me?


Morgan said...

Glad to have found this page! I am having the same troubles as Amy....will check back tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Morgan ;)

Barbara Matson said...

Amy and Morgan. Send an email to this email: cdn.dlbwest@gmail.com

We will make sure you get added! Not sure what is happening as others have used the form and it worked. You aren't alone, another blogger had trouble as well!

Barbara Matson
hodge:podge blog

Becky said...

YAY! Ahhh Barbara, I cannot make it to the meetup...I work nights :( I can't believe it! I was so looking forward to meeting you all!
Becky :)